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 5th December 2008 - Christmas Packages in the Jagex Store  

With Christmas just around the corner, we now have RuneScape-themed gift packages available in the Jagex Store, with the option to include a 12-month subscription card. The Christmas gift packs come with a variety of RuneScape goodies, and some even include a brand new, limited edition ‘dragon armour T-shirt’! There are only 2,000 of these T-shirts available worldwide, and are sure to run out quick.

For the truly devoted player, some gift packs come with a 12-month subscription card, which can be redeemed at any time to guarantee you a year of adventures in the lands of RuneScape. The subscription card is run through the Wallie card payment method, and is available to players everywhere.

Finally, as an extra Christmas bonus, we’ve reduced the price of Betrayal at Falador, the first RuneScape novel! The book can now be purchased for £9.99/$16.99 (reduced from £12.99/$22.99).


5th December 2008 - PayPal Recurring Subscriptions  

You are now able to set-up recurring subscriptions through PayPal. This means that if you subscribe by PayPal you have the option to have your RuneScape account automatically topped-up each month, so you will no longer need to regularly go back and renew your membership.

To set this method up, begin by clicking on ‘Account’ in the top navigation of the website. Then choose ‘Start/Extend Subscription’, log-in and follow the onscreen prompts to start a monthly recurring payment through PayPal.

This payment method is available to anyone who has a verified PayPal account. If you wish to set an account up, please visit Paypal's website.


Behind the Scenes – December 01-Dec-2008

Achievement diary antics, elegant accents, delving into dungeons, and dashing hairdos are due during December. But what’s all that mean?

In our first update of the month, you’ll be asked to return to Falador, where the fourth Achievement Diary will be waiting for you. With Falador being such a familiar area, you can be sure that some tasks will be straightforward, but there are challenges, too. Are you capable of slaying a skeletal wyvern? Have you encountered the vast mole beneath Wyson’s flowers? Rewards will include brand new white lily seeds and a shiny new emote.

Once you’ve done that little lot, your next step will be a watery one, as you cross the Fremennik Province and the islands beyond for their Achievement Diary. No doubt Baba Yaga and her Lunar friends will have several tasks for the higher levels, but pet rocks, seaweed and Slayer caves await those slightly less familiar with the Fremennik ways. Rewards will include enhanced resource collection for your Etceterian workers, improved lyres, and a potential 20k experience reward lamp.

As we mentioned in the news post towards the end of last month, we will be making further changes to the reward items associated with Stealing Creation. We will make the rewards far more appealing and easier to use; actually doubling the experience you earn from any of the activities you use your reward objects for, including the combat ones! If you need more information about the changes to Stealing Creation, please read this news post.

Since our graphical update earlier in the year, we’ve been playing around with a variety of new haircuts for the game. We’ve now gathered around 20 new styles and will be releasing them during December to the free and members’ games. These new hairdos include some rather interesting styles inspired by Ak–Haranu, a visitor from the unexplored eastern realms. Perhaps next year will unearth more fashions from these interesting folk? Only time will tell...

You might stumble across some new words if you’re planning to try out any of the French Servers, planned for launch in December. Completely translated into French, we hope that many of you will be finding a new home here, or even just popping in to see what everything’s like en français.

Finally this month, we will be opening the gates to festive cheer and wintry celebrations with this year’s Christmas update. Much like this year’s Hallowe’en, we’ve decided to release a quest at the same time as our Christmas event, which means that the free game will have access to that quest over the Christmas period.

During the event, you’ll be asked to track down Jack Frost, the misunderstood son of the Queen of Snow. Apparently, he loves icing things up and has been known to freeze even the warmest of Christmases. Of course, many of you will know all about what we have planned after voting in the Guaranteed Content Christmas poll we ran earlier this year, so expect Santa suits and even a chilly new necklace to show off with.

For the quest, Explorer Jack will have a tale – a tale of fearsome creatures and bountiful riches. Sadly, the best of his adventuring days are behind him, so he’ll need one of those adventuring sorts to stride out bravely into the icy wastelands. I wonder if he’ll be able to find one? In this quest, it won’t be your equipment that helps you trek through the caves, but a keen eye to work out the fiendishly cavernous puzzles. Higher levelled players will find extra rewards hidden within those puzzles, so be prepared.

Updates after December

Mobilising Armies
We’ve reported before that we planned to release Mobilising Armies, our new tactical minigame, in December. We’ve found that although we could release it, we really want to take our time to make this the best update we can, so we made the difficult choice to hold onto it until next year. We’ve never ever tried to release a game like this before, and we want to make sure we get it right. So, you’ll have to wait a little longer for your gnomic glider bombers, pigeon messengers, dragons’ hoards and catapult attacks.

Have fun!


While Guthix Sleeps

Movario licked his dry, cracked lips, not taking his eyes off the ancient book in front of him. His hand, acting almost like a separate entity, scratched spidery notes onto parchment. He knew who V was, but the references to the stone intrigued him. Fragmentary thoughts were gathering, forming up together into something important – but something was missing, some key detail. With trembling fingers he turned the yellowed page.

“The stone was clearly not of this world...”

A triumphant scratch of Movario's quill tore through the parchment. That was it! After all this time his research was finally bearing fruit!

The antiquated surroundings of the temple afforded little warmth, and the only luxury was the lone, guttering candle by which he read. The chill still reached inside, but it did not register for Movario as his unyielding research ground on through the days.




Where to start While Guthix Sleeps
Speak to Radimus Erkle at the Legends’ Guild

Requirements to start While Guthix Sleeps

Level 23 Summoning
Level 55 Hunter
Level 60 Thieving
Level 65 Defence
Level 65 Farming
Level 65 Herblore
Level 75 Magic

Defender of Varrock
Dream Mentor
Hand in the Sand
King’s Ransom
Legends’ Quest
Mourning’s Ends Part II (The Temple of Light)
Path of Glouphrie
Recipe for Disaster
Summer’s End
Swan Song
Tears of Guthix
Zogre Flesh Eaters

Be eligible for entry to the Warriors’ Guild
Have defeated Bork in the Chaos Tunnels
270 Quest Points (yes, that’s all of the points currently available!)*

* The quests listed will always be required to start While Guthix Sleeps, but future content will increase the number of quest points available, so we've listed the required quests for the benefit of those players who can't start it just yet.


In other news...

The Quick Chat menu wasn’t showing some of the minigames available to play when trying to organise a group. This issue has been resolved.

You will now find that entering the chaos portal in the Dagon'Hai caves works with an omni-talisman. The omni-staff and -tiara were fine, but this one was missed and has now been added accordingly.

The abyssal parasite familiar will now prevent your Prayer from being drained when teleporting into the abyss, exactly as it's supposed to.

Free players who had started the recent Hallowe’en quest, Swept Away, but managed to misplace their broom couldn’t chat to Maggie to get another. Rest assured, Wendy is now ready to send you to Maggie who will replace your broom should you lose it again.