Killing creatures is one of the most popular methods used to make money in RuneScape. This also ties into the members' skill, Slayer, where you kill creatures for profit. Players who train and make money off the Slayer skill are simply called Slayers. While raising Slayer levels, you can make profit. Also in non-member worlds, the style of killing even the most basic creatures can have profits. For example, beginners at combat in RuneScape can kill Chickens or Cows. The feathers from the Chickens can be sold for 5-15gp each, to Fletchers and Fishers. Cow Hides can be sold to Crafters who use it to level the Crafting Skill, and sell their crafted armor to Rangers.

Slayer monsters such as Jellies, Nechryaels, and Abyssal Demons drop items

 for people to make a profit from. The following table consists of the best monsters to fight for profits.





Recommended Monsters Name Description Chickens Can be found north of Lumbridge, Southeast of Falador, among other locations. Since Chickens only have three Hitpoints, they are relatively fast to kill, and their Feathers can be sold for 5-15gp each. Cows Can be found slightly northeast of Lumbridge, southeast of Falador, and in many other places. In non-member worlds, these locations are relatively crowded since their hides can be sold for 100-150gp each. Minotaurs Are found in the Stronghold of Security. They are killed for their iron arrow drops, which can be sold on the Runescape forums or World 1 for about 15 gp each. Hill Giants Are found west of the gate of the Tree Gnome Stronghold, and in Edgeville's Dungeon. They are easily killed when you are around 45 Combat, and you can sell their Big Bones for 300-400gp each. Moss Giants Can be found in Varrock Sewers and on Crandor Isle, an attachment to Karamja. The main reason they are killed are for their bones. Their Big Bones can be sold for 300-400gp each. Fire Giants Can be found in the Waterfall Dungeon and the Wilderness Fire Giant Dungeon, and are stronger than the other giants. Instead of killing them for their bones, they are killed for their Rune Scimitar, and Dragon Drops. Also, they drop Fire Battlestaffs which can be High-Alched using Magic for 9,300gp.
Aviansies Can be found in the God Wars Dungeon. They drop many Adamantite Bars, Rune Daggers, and Rune Limbs. They are one of the best monsters to kill for money. By wearing a symbol from the god, Armadyl, they will be non-aggressive to you. Lesser Demons Can be found under the Karamja Volcano. They are mainly killed for their Rune Medium Helm drops, which can be High-Alched for 11,520gp. Greater Demons Can be found in the Brimhaven Dungeon and at Gu'Tanoth's Dungeon. To kill Greater Demons at Brimhaven, take 875gp, a Machete, a Rune Axe (hatchet), the best armor and food you have, as well as a way to teleport out of the dungeon. Head through the dungeon until you see Moss Giants, and then climb the stairs to get to the area with Greater Demons and Wild Dogs.
Greater Demons are killed for Level 3 Clue Scrolls and Rune Full Helms. If you also pick up the coins they drop you can easily gain a few thousand coins. The Rune Full Helm drops can be sold for 20,000-30,000gp each. Crawling Hands Require a Slayer level of 5, and the main reason to kill these is the fact that they drop colored gloves which can be easily sold on non-member worlds. Nearly anyone can kill them, and make at least 500gp off each set of Gloves. Bloodvelds Require a Slayer level of 50. It is recommended that you Range them, as there is a safe spot, or you can attack them with a Halberd, however the Halberds speed does not work with its benefits. Bloodvelds are killed for the Blood Runes they drop. Jellies Are found at the Fremennik Slayer Caves. They use melee style attacks with a magic basing. In other words, they attack melee style, but you will want to wear Dragonhide Armor for protection as their attacks are magic based. They are primarily killed for coins (which if you pick up all the coins they drop, can add up to a few thousand), Rune Full Helms, and Level 3 Clue Scrolls. Dust Devils Require a Slayer level of 65, and are found in the Smokey Well. You need a Facemask to protect against the smoke which acts as poison. Dust Devils are primarily killed for their rare Dragon Chainbody drop which occurs 1 in a 10,000-16,000 chance range. It is recommended to either range them using Safe Spots, or Hally them, as they can deal up to 8 damage. Dragon Chainbodies can be sold for 10,000,000 gp each. Gargoyles Require a Slayer level of 75 and are located at the Canifis Slayer Tower. In order to kill them, you need a Rock Hammer, which is used on them when their health is low. Gargoyles are primarily killed for their Granite Maul drop which can be sold for about 30,000gp. Nechryaels Require a Slayer level of 80. They are also found at Canifis Slayer Tower, and are primarily killed for Rune Boot drops, which can be sold for 25k. Abyssal Demons Can be found at the top of the Canifis Slayer Tower or in the Alternate Abyss which is reached by using the Fairy Ring's coordinates ALR. Abyssal Demons require a Slayer level of 85, and they are primarily killed for their Abyssal Whip drop which can be sold for 1,400,000gp. Green Dragons Are found in the Wilderness and are mainly killed for Green Dragonhides which sell for about 1,600-1,700gp, and Dragon Bones which sell for 1,500-1,600gp each. For more Dragon hunting information, see the Dragon Hunting guide. Blue Dragons Are found in the Taverley Dungeon, the Heroes' Guild, and the Ogre Enclave. There is only on in the Heroes' Guild, but it's in a fenced off area and can be ranged or maged. Blue Dragons drop Blue Dragonhide which sell for 1,700-2,000gp each. They also drop Dragon Bones which can sell for 1,500-1,600gp each. Black Dragons Are found in either Taverley Dungeon or the Evil Chicken's Lair. They are easily ranged. They drop Black Dragonhides which sell for 3,300-3,600 gp each. They also drop the elusive Draconic Visage. Steel Dragons, Iron Dragons, Mithril Dragons and Skeletal Wyverns also drop the visage, but it is a very rare drop. King Black Dragon Is the second strongest dragons in RuneScape, and due to this, drop some of the best items. Their drops include Dragon Medium Helms which sell for 75,000 gp, Dragonstones which sell for 50,000-60,000gp, Black Dragonhide which sells for 2,500-4,000gp, Dragon Bones which sell for 1,500-1,600gp each, and Level 3 Clue Scrolls. For more information on killing this dragon, see the King Black Dragon Hunting guide. Kalphite Queen Lives in the Kalphite Lair and might drop a Dragon Medium Helm which sells for 75,000 gp, Dragon 2h Sword which can sell for 1,300,000-1,500,000gp, or a Dragon chainbody which sells for 10,000,000gp. For more information on how to kill the Kalphite Queen, please see the Kalphite Queen Hunting guide.  



The best way for free-to-players to make money with the Fishing skill is on Karamja. Since they can only fish up to Swordfish, these fish along with Lobsters and sometimes Tuna are the best healing fish in the Free-to-play world. Fish that can only be caught using a Harpoon or a Lobster pot can only be fished by free-to-players in the Wilderness or from the dock on the northern shore of the Karamja island:


Number 1 is where you arrive on the island from Port Sarim Number 2 is the Musa Point dock where the fishing happens at
To get to Karamja, head over to Port Sarim with 60gp (boat ride costs 30gp each way) and either a Harpoon or a Lobster pot and talk to Captain Tobias, Seaman Thresnor, or Seaman Lorris to get transport to Karamja. Once there, walk west down the path past the house until you see a hole in the fence. Walk north following the path and you will come out of the banana trees near a dock. If you see a General Store you have gone too far west. Fish until your inventory is full then return to the bank. You can cook the fish if you want, but most people won't light a fire near the dock to save inventory space. Raw Tuna sells for 100-300gp each, Raw Lobsters sell for 250-300gp each and Raw Swordfish sell for 200-400gp each.

Members have a wider range of fish to profit off of obviously including the free-to-play top fishes. The best Member only fish to sell are Raw Monkfish at 300-330gp each and Raw Shark at 800-1000gp each. Monkfish are fished with a Small Fishing Net which can be used with river and lake fishing spots, and the Shark is fished with a Harpoon or your bare hands. You can fish Sharks using only your hands after partial completion of Barbarian Training. Raw Sea Turtles and Raw Manta Rays can be sold for more than the Shark, but are slower to catch and are best to make a profit off of at a high Fishing level. The Sea Turtles and Manta Rays also have a much smaller demand so the best bets for profits are the other suggested fish. To catch Sea Turtles and Manta Rays, you need to play the Fishing Trawler minigame.



Fletching can be an excellent moneymaker, although it has some high requirements:

70 fletching. 55 magic (highly recommended) 10 crafting or 44 Runecrafting or 60 woodcutting
To start, buy some Yew Logs, Bowstrings, or Nature Runes (you will not be buying all three of these, which will be explained later on in this section). Find a one click bank like in Lumbridge Basement (requires helping the cook in Recipe for Disaster) or Castle Wars bank.

Here's what your inventory should look like: THAT



Use your Knife on a Yew Log, and an interface will appear in your chat box. Click



And the "Make X" option. Then type in 27, or how much Yew Logs you have in your inventory.



Now you have to string that Yew Longbow. Here is what your inventory should look like.


14 Yew Longbows (unstrung) 14 Bowstrings
Use your unstrung yew longbow with your bowstring, then right click and choose "make all". At the end there will be 14 strung Yew Longbows in your inventory!

To efficiently bank them, once you open up to your bank screen, choose the "All" option on your unstrung Yew Longbows that were in your inventory before you banked. Now, deposit All of your Strung Yew Longbows. You should have 14 spots left in your inventory, so use the withdraw "All" option on your bowstrings. You should now have a perfect inventory!

You can do two things with these. You can try to sell them either on the Grand Exchange, or in the RuneScape forums. However, it is usually hard to sell them in the RuneScape forums, so the Grand Exchange is recommended. Another alternative is using the High Alchemy spell on the Longbows. You will get 768 coins for each alchemy spell.

The only problem with this, is that you must gather one of the following: Yew Logs, Bowstrings, or the Nature Runes, by yourself.

How to get these items:

Yew Logs- cut them from a Yew Tree. Requires 60 woodcutting Bowstring- Spin some Flax on a Spinning Wheel. Requires 10 Crafting. The better Spinning Wheels are in Neitiznot, Camelot, and Lumbridge. You can still buy the flax and profit. Nature Rune- Runecrafted at the Nature Altar. Routes are in the Runecrafting Help Guide. You can still buy the Pure Essence and profit.
Now get a Fire Staff (or five times the amount of Fire Runes you have in Nature Runes) and put your finished Yew Longbows.  

This all can be done with Magic Logs. If you do that, it requires 85 fletching to make Magic Longbows, and 75 Woodcutting to cut Magic trees, and the high alchemy is 1,536 gp).

Then, all you have to do is click on the High Alchemy icon, and then your Yew Longbow. Enjoy your money!



Making money off of Vials can be long and difficult or short and easy. The difficult methods to make money off of Vials are to buy the Vials from the store, although you gain more profit this way. There are three stores you can collect Vials from this way, one residing in Taverley, one on Entrana, one in Shilo Village, and one in East Ardougne. The shops in Shilo Village and East Ardougne sells Vials filled with Water.

If you have a large amount of fully charged Amulets Of Glory in your bank, put them in the last open slot you have (right after your last item), bank all your equipment, take one of the Amulets of Glories and leave it in your inventory, then take out 5,000gp. Go to Entrana and buy Vials at 5gp each, then use your Amulet of Glory to teleport back to Draynor Village, and repeat this process until you have 1,000 Vials. You can also fill up your Vials with water here before you leave.

Another method is to take about 5,000gp and head from Burthorpe to Taverley, and buy your Vials there for 5gp each. Then, head back to the Rogue's Den under the Toad and Chicken Inn in Burthorpe to bank until you have 1,000 Vials.

Another method is to buy Vials of Water in Shilo Village at 10gp each. This method is good since the shop is very close to a bank, but since the Vials already have water in them, the price is more than doubled.

Another method to get Vials is to Craft them. See the Crafting Section for a more detailed explanation.

To get the most cash out of your Vials however, you want to fill them with water. The most convenient locations to do this, are in the Lumbridge Castle Basement, providing you have access to the Bank Chest from Recipe For Disaster or if you have access to The Lost City of Zanaris, once you have completed the Lost City Quest to use the fountains nearby the bank.


Herbs can be either obtained by killing creatures, buying them or farming them. The best way to get herbs through combat is to kill Chaos Druids in Taverley Dungeon or the Edgeville Dungeon, just inside the wilderness gate. They are only level 13, and have a very high Herb drop rate. Herbs, just like most tradeable things, can be bought in-game or on a forum's marketplace section. Buying in game is easy if you only need a few Herbs, but to see a more varied player Herb stock, check out a forum.


Secondaries are all of the ingredients that are added to potions besides the Herbs. The only free-to-play secondary available are Limpwurt Roots, dropped from Hobgoblins. Hobgoblins are located in many locations, with the easiest to reach being just south of the Crafting Guild on the peninsula. Limpwurts can be sold for 500-1,000gp each. Another option of doing this is trading them to a member, have them make Strength Potions with them, and then trade then back to you which you can then sell for up to 1,000gp each. That might not seem too much better than selling Limpwurts, but the price range on Limpwurts is greater than the price range on Strength Potions (meaning Limpwurts can have a lower selling price than a Strength Potion).

For both, freeplayers and members, the Eye of Newt are fairly popular as a merchantable secondary ingredient. An Eye of Newt can be bought from the Port Sarim magic shop, or from any one of the Herblore shops scattered over RuneScape. They are bought for 3gp and can be sold at 80-150gp each, making it quite profitable in large quantities. When merchanting any other secondary, remember the first rule of merchanting. Buy low and sell high.


Potions can also be sold for money, since their effects can be very helpful. Free-to-players can only trade and use one potion, even though they are made by members or from the Apothecary. This potion is the Strength Potion, so that is your potion. Already mentioned in the Secondary section, Strength Potions can be sold for up to 1,000gp each.

For Members, the most popular potions are the ones dealing with Combat, Prayer, and the Weapon Poison potions. Recommended potions are the Combat potion, Super sets (a collection of a Super Defense, Super Attack, and Super Strength potions), the Prayer potion, and all Weapon Poison potions. Combat potions can be sold for 2,000-3,000gp each, while a Super Set can go for 8,000-10,000gp each . A simple Prayer Restore may be sold for about 6,000gp, and the Weapon Poison potions can be sold as follows: Weapon Poison sells for 1,000-2,500gp each, Weapon poison(p+) sells for around 6,000gp each, and Weapon poison(p++) sells for up to 10,000gp each.



The first method only requires level 10 Summoning. First, either buy or make one Spirit Spider Pouch and at least 10 Egg Spawn Scrolls. Summon the spider and then use the scrolls. They will cause eggs to spawn on the ground surrounding you. Red Spiders' Eggs sell for around 340 gp each on the Grand Exchange.

The second method requires level 23 Summoning. First, either buy or make one Albino Rat Pouch and at least 10 Cheese Fest Scrolls. Summon the rat and then use the scrolls. A piece of cheese will float above the rat's head, then disappear. After that happens, interact with the rat and withdraw the five cheese produced. Cheese sells for around 120 gp each on the Grand Exchange.

There are several other uses for summoning such as:

Using Abyssal familiars to aid in Nat running/pure essence mining. Using Beasts of burden to help you with mining/woodcutting. Having a macaw out while killing monsters. This increases the herb drop rate. Having a magpie out. The magpie will automatically forage gems and jewelry which can then be sold or alched. Having a fruit bat out. Fruit bats will often forage seeds and other fruit that are useful for Farming and selling.


Woodcutting is one of the top money making skills for free-to-players since it requires little effort and the logs can be sold for up to a few hundred gp each.

Item Needed

The only item needed for Woodcutting is an axe, also called a hatchet. Axes come in all the metals from Bronze all the way up to Dragon(members only). The higher level requirements for an Axe, the faster it will cut logs.

Suggested Outfit

Since you will be doing a lot of running around to and from the bank, you will need a light outfit.

This is what is being worn:

Spotted Cape or Spottier Cape Rune Axe (Or best axe you can afford and use) Black Dragon Hide (suggested for Evil Chicken random events, but not really needed. Wear the best you can) Boots of Lightness Strung Rabbit Foot
Anything can be switched and you don't need any of this, apart from the axe, of course. This is just a suggested outfit.
Most of these items are members only, so for free-to-players, you might just want to bring some light armor or nothing else besides your hatchet.

Woodcutting level 1 - 15

This, sad to say, is one of the worst times to make money through Woodcutting. All you will need to do, is gather around 1,000 normal logs with the best place to buy them is in Draynor Village. Then sell them on the Runescape Forums (You have to be a member to post on there, but not to view it). They usually go for between 10-25gp each.

Woodcutting level 15 - 29

Oaks are more profitable than normal logs but again, this still isn't the best way to get cash from Woodcutting. People buy Oak Logs in any amounts. The place to cut them is once again, Draynor Village. If you're looking to sell them, try selling in the Construction or Fletching sections on the Runescape forums. The prices are around 25-50gp each.

Woodcutting level 30 - 39

Willows are an okay way to make cash, and also provide the best experience. Most people will want to buy these logs to get their Fletching level up. Catherby is the best place to cut these logs. There is usually somebody there, but the other two lonely trees are usually free, so it's recommend cutting Willows there. Prices range from 25-30gp each.

A great way to cut willows:

1. Teleport using a games necklace to the Barbarian Outpost
2. Very slightly to the west of the building are many willows, begin to cut there.
3. When your inventory is full, simply go inside the Barbarian Assault building and use the bank deposit box. Repeat this cycle.

Woodcutting level 45 - 59

Maple Logs. These beauties will give you some OK experience, but not as much as willows. They sell for 55-70gp each. The trees are located around Seers Village, which is convenient since there there is a bank nearby. Above the bank are 3 trees that might get a little crowded, but all the other trees get less crowded.

Woodcutting level 60 - 74

Yews are one of the best ways to get money. These are high in demand due to players trying to raise their Fletching level. These are sold for a pretty high price, 300-380gp each, and are very easy to sell.

Woodcutting level 75 - 99

Magic Logs are the most expensive logs, but are really hard to get a whole inventory as they take a long time to cut. These trees are almost always packed, so competition can be tough. Magics are sold for 900-1,200gp each.




Tanning Cow Hides

First, buy or collect as many cow hides as you want. Then tan them via the tanner in Al Kharid, the Crafting Guild, or Canifis (higher prices). Sell the tanned leather for around 150 gp, while being bought at around 100 gp.

Glory Amulets

In order to do this successfully and make money off of it, you need to have the following things:

At least 500k. Less can work, but you make more money with the more you bring Completion of the Hero's Quest A members account
How to Start:

First get yourself to the Grand Exchange and withdraw however much money you want to spend, make sure it can be divided by 30,000 gp (i.e. 300k, 600k, 900k), then open up the window to buy uncharged Amulets of Glory.

Buy all the uncharged Glory Amulets you can for 30,000 gp each.

Go to the Heroes' Guild and charge all of your uncharged Glories. You can also use the uncharged glories on a geyser titan in order to charge them.

Go back to the Grand Exchange and sell them for 35k each.


In order to do this successfully and make money off of it, you need to have the following things:

At least 224k. Less can work, but you make more money with the more you bring Varrock Armour 2 or above A members account
How to Start:

First, go to Zaff's Staff shop in Varrock while wearing the Varrock Armour 2 or above. Right-click him and select "Buy-Battlestaffs" option. Buy as many as you can (32 for Varrock Armour 2, 64 for Varrock Armour 3) and bank. Repeat the process until he no longer sells any to you. Withdraw the battlestaffs as notes and go to the Grand Exchange. Sell them for around 8,500 gp each, resulting in 1,500 gp profit for each Battlestaff sold.


Making planks can bring great profits to you. There are three distinct ways to make planks. The first one is to run them on foot from the east Varrock bank to the Sawmill and back. You could also choose to teleport back to Varrock and walk the short way to the bank. In addition to doing this by foot, you can also send your servants to make some planks.

The second way to make planks is to use Air Balloons. This requires the completion of the quest Enlightened Journey and the unlocking of the Varrock Hot Air Balloon. To start out, you will wear as little as you can, preferably weight reducing items. Also wear a Ring of Dueling for teleportation. You can only take up to 40 kg of items onto the balloon at once, so you need to take 1 Willow Log, 19 Oak Logs, and one tinderbox. Each log weighs 2 kg, so weight reducing items would allow you to make planks faster. Start out at Castle Wars and run to the north-east. Take the balloon to Varrock and run the short distance to the Sawmill. Use the Ring of Dueling to teleport back to Castle Wars to bank. Repeat this as much as needed.

The third way to make planks is to cast the Plank Make Lunar spell. This method does not gain money unless you make your own runes. Each cast of this spell will convert a single log into a plank. To turn a regular log into a plank, you will need 70gp. To turn an Oak log into a plank, you will need 175gp. To turn a Teak log into a plank, you will need 350gp. To turn a Mahogany log into a plank, you will need 1050gp. This spell can only be used after completion of the Dream Mentor quest. It requires 2 Astral, 15 Earth, 1 Nature and coins. It grants 90 experience per cast.