We only have Lumbridge and Draynor,more coming soon.....


1. Climb to the highest point in Lumbridge

Go to the Lumbridge Castle, and go to the second floor. Then go to the bank and climb the ladder that's nearby. (North side of the bank) Then you will reach the pinnacle on Lumbridge Castle's roof.

2. Raise the flag on the roof of the Lumbridge Bank

Go to the Lumbridge Castle, and go to the third floor. To the right of the bank there is a ladder. Go up it, and use the handle to raise the flag.

3. Speak to the Duke of Lumbridge

Go to the first floor of the Lumbridge Castle, and walk down the corridor and enter the Duke's bedroom. Speak with the Duke to introduce yourself.

4. Speak with the Doomsayer about the Warning System

Go to the North-east of the castle to find the Doomsayer. He is next to the Lumbridge guide. Speak to him and ask him about the Warning System.

5. Find out about the Stronghold of Security from the Lumbridge Guide

Go to the North-east side of the castle to find the Lumbridge guide. He is a few paces away from the Doomsayer. Speak with him to find out more about the Stronghold of Security.

6. Browse the Lumbridge General Store

Go to the General Store in Lumbridge, and trade with either the Shop Keeper or the Shop Assistant, then close the store window.

7. Visit Fred the Farmer's chicken and sheep farm

To get to Fred's farm, head north on the path outside of the general store, until you come upon a field with sheep. Enter the field through the gate. Go north-west to the stile. Go over it, and enter Fred's house.

8. Mine some clay in the Mining patch north of the Champions' Guild

Head towards Varrock. Right before you enter the city, there will be a dirt path leading off westerly. Follow it to the Champion's guild. From there go north-west to the mining area to mine some clay.

9. Make some soft clay in the Barbarian Village

Walk to Barbarian Village (check the map) with your bucket of water. Go to the center of the Barbarian Village (where the Stronghold of Security entrance is, for example) and use the bucket of water on the soft clay to complete the task.

10. Make a pot on the potter's wheel in the Barbarian Village

To make a pot, go to the southern building. Then use the soft clay you just made on the potter's wheel. Choose the first option, make a pot.

11. Fire a pot in the pottery oven in the Barbarian Village potter's house

Use the unfired pot you just made on the pottery oven.

12. Enter the courtyard of the spooky mansion in Draynor Village

Head south from Barbarian Village. Then walk around to the entrance. (southern most point) and enter through the main entrance. Exit to the south once the completion message appears.

13. Grind some flour in the windmill north of Lumbridge

Please view the map to know how to get here. When walking you will eventually come upon a wheat field. Pick one piece. Go north, enter the mill, and go to the very top floor. Put the wheat in the hopper, pull the lever, and go to the bottom floor. Collect the flour in the pot you made to complete the task.

14. Visit the Draynor Village market

Go to the Draynor Village Market until the completion message appears.

15. Find out about the Rules of Conduct from the Draynor Town Crier

In Draynor Market, you can find the Town Crier. Talk to him about the Rules of Conduct.

Note: You don't have to read the book he shows you.

16. Climb to the top of the Wizards' Tower

This is pretty self explanatory. Go to the Wizard's Tower. (located at point 16 on the map) and go to the top floor.

17. Mine some copper in the Mining spot to the south-east of Lumbridge Swamp

You might get lost, so be sure to check the map. Once arrived, use your pickaxe and mine some copper.

18. Catch some shrimp in the Fishing spot to the east of Lumbridge Swamp

See map to get there. You will find a fishing tutor. If you already don't have a net, pick one up. Then fish until you catch a shrimp.

19. Have the Fishing Tutor send you on an errand

To have the Fishing Tutor send you on an errand, right click on the tutor, and select "Work-for". Accept the task.

Note: You do not have to complete this task.

20. Look through Father Aereck's selection of gravestones

From the center(ish) of Lumbridge, and head south until you get to a church. Go into the church and ask Father Aereck if you can look at his gravestones.

Note: This task requires that you must have completed The Restless Ghost quest.

21. Play the organ in the Lumbridge Church

Once in the Lumbridge Church, walk over to the organ and click on it.

22. Ring the bell in the Lumbridge Church

Once in the Lumbridge Church, walk to the nearest ladder, and go up it. Go up another ladder, and ring the bell. You will confuse the citizens of Lumbridge.

23. Pass through the Al Kharid gate

Head to the Al Kharid Gate. Right click on the gate and choose "Pay toll" (requires 10gp). If you have completed the Prince Ali Rescue quest, you will of course be let in for free. Congratulations! You have completed the Beginner tasks!


Explorer Ring (1) A +1 Magic Attack and Prayer bonus Replenish 50% Run Energy once daily
Experience Lamp 500 experience to any skill
and the explorer emote.


1. Obtain a cow-hide from a cow in the field north-east of Lumbridge

Head east across the bridge from Lumbridge. Follow the path north until you see a cow field. Kill one of these and pick up its Cow Hide.

2. Have Ellis tan your cow-hide to make soft leather at his shop in Al Kharid

Make your way through the gate to Al Kharid. Head southeast from the gate until you come to the Tannery. Trade Ellis and have him make you one Leather. This will cost you 1gp.

3. Craft a pair of soft leather gloves

Head northeast until you see a Crafting Shop, indicated by a Needle. Purchase a Needle and one roll of Thread. Use the needle on your Leather, and select Leather Gloves.

4. Mine some iron ore from the Al Kharid Mining spot

Directly north of Al Kharid, there is a Mine. Throughout it, you can find Iron. It is recommended that you mine two Iron, you'll need two Steel Bars later on for a Medium Task.

5. Catch a pike in the river to the east of Lumbridge Castle

Starting from Lumbridge Castle, head east across the bridge. Between the two bridges, there is a place to fish. Bait fish here to fish for Pike.

6. Smelt a steel bar in the Lumbridge furnace

Head west back across the bridge and north to the Furnace in Lumbridge. Use an Iron Ore on the furnace while holding two Coal in your inventory. It is recommended that you make two Steel Bars for later on.

7. Search the shed in Lumbridge Swamp

Move south through the Lumbridge Cemetery. Once in the Swamp, in the middle you will find a shed. Simply open the door to enter.

8. Kill a giant rat in Lumbridge Swamp

Right outside of the shed, there are some rats. Kill one of these and take the meat for later.

9. Cut down a dead tree in Lumbridge Swamp

All around the swamp there are trees. Cut one of them down.

10. Light a campfire from normal logs in Lumbridge Swamp

Use a Tinderbox on the Logs you cut earlier. You must do this in Lumbridge Swamp.

11. Cook some rat meat on a campfire in Lumbridge Swamp

Use the Raw Rat Meat from step 8 on the fire from step 10. Try not to burn it.

12. Craft a water rune at the Water Altar

Starting at the shed in Lumbridge Swamps, head southwest until you see the Water Temple. You can use the Locate option of the Water Talisman to help you find it.

13. Get a replacement Ghostspeak Amulet from Father Urhney

Make sure you've dropped your Ghostspeak Amulet. Head northwest from the Water Altar, to a small wooden building. Inside, speak to Father Urhney and tell him you lost your Amulet. He'll give you another one. You can drop this one.

14. Taunt the demon at the top of the Wizards' Tower

Head northwest, then south on the bridge to the Wizard's Tower. Head up the stairs to the third floor and into the room with the caged Lesser Demon. When it is in the cage (alive), click on the rail to taunt it.

15. Have Sedridor teleport you to the Essence Mine

In the basement of the Wizard's Tower, you can find Sedridor. Talk to him and have him teleport you to the Essence Mine.

16. Access the bank in Draynor Village

Continue north across the Bridge from the Wizard's Tower. Follow the path north then west to the Draynor Bank. Speak to the banker about accessing your bank account.

17. Have the Wise Old Man check your bank for unnecessary quest-related items

You can find the Wise Old Man in the house closest to the north side of the bank. Speak to him and ask him to search your bank for unnecessary quest items.

18. Discover what the Wise Old Man is watching through his telescope

Climb the stairs in the Wise Old Man's house and find his Telescope. Click on it to see a cut scene of him viewing.... I can't tell you that, it would spoil the fun. Find out for yourself.

19. Defeat a zombie in the sewers under the jail

Exit the Wise Old Man's house and go east to the jail. Find the dungeon in the fenced area with the jail, open the trapdoor, and go down. Kill one of the zombies.


Explorer Ring (2) A +1 Magic Attack and Prayer bonus Replenish 50% Run Energy twice daily Cast Low Alchemy without using Runes thirty times daily 10% chance to create more Air, Water, Earth, and Fire than you usually would whenever you craft them
Experience Lamp 1,000 experience to any skill


1. Smith a steel longsword on the anvil in the jail sewers

You'll need two steel bars and a hammer for this task. Starting in Lumbridge Castle, head directly west to the Draynor Jail. Climb down the trapdoor and make your way north, into the room off the main passage. In the middle, you will see an Anvil. Use a Steel Bar on it.

2. Use the Teleport to Lumbridge spell (Not the Home Teleport spell)

From anywhere in the game, Use the Teleport to Lumbridge spell. You'll end up in the middle of the Castle's courtyard.

3. Mine some coal in the Mining spot to the south-west of Lumbridge Swamp

This mine is located in the far south west of the Lumbridge Swamps. There are a number of places to mine Coal here.

4. Cut down a willow tree to the east of Lumbridge Castle

These trees are on the west side of the River Lum, between the two bridges near the Woodcutting Tutor. Bring an axe and cut one log.

5. Light a willow log fire in the Lumbridge Castle courtyard

Use a Tinderbox on the Willow Log from the previous step. Beware, you must do this within the Lumbridge Castle Courtyard.

6. Cook a lobster on the range in the Lumbridge Castle kitchen

You will find the Lumbridge Kitchen on the base floor of the castle. The stove is located in the southern end of this room. Use a Raw Lobster on it.

7. Obtain an anti-dragonbreath shield from Duke Horacio

Climb the stairs to the second floor of the castle. Duke Horacio is in the northern room. Speak to him and ask him about Dragon Slaying.

8. Mine some silver from the Mining patch north of Al Kharid

Make your way across the river, through the Al Kharid gate, and northeast to the Al Kharid Chasm mine. About halfway up, on the western side of the mine, there are three silver ore piles. Mine an ore.

9. Catch a salmon in the river to the east of Lumbridge Castle

Head back through the Gate towards the river. Between the two bridges there are places to fish. Lure fish here until you get a Salmon.

10. Smelt a silver bar in the Lumbridge furnace

Cross the river again and north to the furnace. Use your Silver Ore from earlier on the furnace.

11. Craft a holy symbol in the Lumbridge furnace

Head east through the gate to the Al Kharid crafting store. Purchase a Holy Mould. Head back to the furnace in Lumbridge (Al Kharid will not work) and use the Silver Bar on the furnace. Select the Holy Symbol.

12. Take a ride on a gnomecopter

Make your way north and then east, following the path to the Wind Mill. North of this there is a field. The gnomecopters are in the northwest corner of this field. Purchase a ticket from Hieronymus Avlafrim. Go to any of the destinations to finish.


Explorer Ring A +1 Magic Attack and Prayer bonus Replenish 50% Run Energy three times daily Cast Low Alchemy without using Runes thirty times daily 10% chance to create more Air, Water, Earth, and Fire than you usually would whenever you craft them Unlimited teleports to the cabbage field south of Falador without using Runes
Experience Lamp 1,500 experience to any skill